Free Sample Evaluation:

 VisTec will perform a free sample evaluation to determine the best sensor type, camera or scanning laser, to detect the defect types  

 submitted. The angular configuration for the sensors will be established and the required resolution.

 Proposed System: 

 The sample evaluation will include a quotation for the required system configuration to inspect the full web width. For the trial evaluation,

 VisTec will supply a single camera or scanning laser to inspect a portion of the web width.

 Available Equipment:

 The equipment for the evaluation utilizes the full system software with all standard features. This provides the user with mapping, defect

 visualization, multiple product  inspection recipes, input/output contacts, factory data link connectivity, and the full set of defect  

 characterization parameters such as width, length, area, brightest value, repeat defect, and density.

 Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide maintenance staff to help mount the equipment.
  • Provide electrical hook-up of 120V60Hz.
  • Provide mounting of the sensor frames and encoder.
  • Cooling air if required.
  • Line control contact closures.
  • Printer for map outputs.
  • Factory network tie-in if desired.
  • Web marking device if desired.


 Few Clients of Vistec Engineering


TRY ON-LINE WEB INSPECTION VisTec Offers Rental/Trial Evaluations   


 User Benefits:

 Verify defect detection limits. See them in 2D/3D on the screen, on the map, and saved to disk.

 Test your purchase ROI concept. Verify it is achievable before you buy.

 Experience the process savings from real-time defect trending information. Correct out of spec defect conditions

 before they become critical.

 Know your process quality level. Have a consistent historical record of every roll produced for QA and the client.

 Improve converting area yield. Use the roll maps to optimize converting patterns.

 Maximize process line speeds by using the defect trending data. Increase speeds while monitoring the rate of

 defect occurrences.

 Test the ease of system usage. Get the line operators buy in before the purchase.

 Use your 100% inspection as a marketing tool. Be ahead of the completion, not behind.

 Witness the on-line detection sensitivity.

 Always know your quality level. 

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