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Web inspection systems are installed on paper, film, coating, non-woven, textile, extrusion, metals and other continuous web applications. These systems have historically used laser, cameras or hybrid combinations of both sensors as their core measurement technologies. Today, cameras are rapidly emerging as the main inspection solution in all but the most specialized inspection applications. Cameras success for inspection is due to their continuously improving price performance ratio relative to other technologies – especially when total cost of ownership is considered. Costs of inspection systems vary dramatically based upon customer defect criteria. Because of the wide range of customer defect types, web inspection system capabilities and subsequent system costs, VisTec Engineering recommends to develop organized defect sample sets for preliminary discussion and subsequent analysis. Try to sort defect types in order of importance – separate defects into “must haves” and “would like” categories. Be aware that system costs are driven by a combination of web width, defect size, defect contrast, line speed, operating environment, single or dual side web inspection, number of different types of defects, marking systems and interfaces. Also, try to ascertain what budget makes sense for your defect “must haves”.

VisTec Engineering personnel has a long history in the Web Inspection Industry dating back to 1974 with the country's leading manufacturer scanning laser inspection systems which later transitioned into CCD line-scan camera base technology. As an official identity since 2000, VisTec Engineering has continued to deliver for domestic and international customer installed base state-of-the-art technical solutions. VisTec has taken these customers from the old world of analog to the new world of digital. Given the ability to save the image, see the flaw then make the appropriate decision.


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Web Inspection

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