3. Vistec Engineering solutions economically price vs performance

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  • 30 years of experience allows for competitive pricing & design 
  • Proven commercially available components facilitate a costing and quality advantage

5. Vistec Engineering develops a customer relationship

1. Vistec Engineering supplies the application experience for the required project


VisTec Engineering provides the answers

2. VisTec Engineering has state of the art solutions

Few Clients of VisTec Engineering

4. Vistec Engineering has a rental program

  • Use the equipment, experience the benefits, then decide to purchase 
  • Credit from rental is applied to purchase
Future Solutions Now
  • Free sample analysis
  • Over 100 years of web inspection knowhow
  • Quick responses to your questions 
  • Quotes to your specific equipment requirements 
  • Ability to provide custom design per customer request 
  • On-line support for prompt problem solving
  • Up to 16000 pixel per scan for laser or camera solutions 
  • PC based processing with Windows 10 OS 
  • Defect image capture & storage 
  • Factory wide information network 
  • Real time defect marking
Vision Inspection improves Yields and Quality